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Termite and Pest Control

Can you spray just one time or does it have to be ongoing?
That depends on multiple factors- what pest are we treating for, how extensive is the infestation, are we doing it to be proactive, etc..
Why can't I just go to Home Depot and treat it myself?
For a minor problem you might be able to, however, anything beyond that requires professional chemicals, delivery equiptment, and expertise in both inspecting and treating.
Can I do anything to prevent termites?
Termites are only a problem if they gain access to wood therefore you can reduce the chances by removing scrap wood, firewood and cardboard from around the foundation walls of your house; also, repair leaking faucets as termites need moisture
How do I know I have a termite problem?
Most homeowners will rarely see termites as they hide deep in the wood or soil; you may see a swarm in the spring, a tubular hole in the wall or grandular pettels that look alot like large grains of pepper

Will it harm my family or pets?
No, we use only the safest chemicals in the proper manner for both application and evacuation time as prescribed by government regulation
I'm hearing scratching noises in the wall of my bedroom; what is it and how can I stop it?
You are hearing one of the many common rodents that can infest houses; mice, rats, chipmonks or squirrels.  All are extremely destructive and should be controlled aggressively.
Are silverfish harmful to humans?
Silverfish don't  transmit any diseases to humans but they eat books, wall paper glue and some clothes and they contaminate food.